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Hereinafter we would like to highlight the essential features of the prefabricated installation pit in filling chamber construction:

  • Do the prefabricated installation pits in filling chamber construction have a building approval?

    Yes, according to DIBt Z-38.5-278 by the German Institute for Construction Engineering.

  • What other approvals are available?

    The following certificates and approvals are included in the DIBt approval Z-38.5-278:
    The requirements for water protection acc. to WHG / VAwS (AwSV) / TRwS (779 / 785 / 786) by:

    • Approval of the prefabricated installation pit by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) – incl. tested statics and design test
    • External production control of the prefabricated installation pit according the tthe requirements of approval by a testing and inspection institute designated by the DIBt (TÜV SÜD)
    • the use of approved accessories
    • Support of modifications and special customer requests by experts of a VAwS experts organization already during the planning stage.

    the requirements of occupational safety acc. to ArbSchG / BetrSichV / GefStV, (incl. fire prevention and explosion prevention) by:

    • Use of the corresponding current technical rules and directives of the regulatory authorities, inter alia TRBS 2152 / TRGS / ArbStättRL
    • Use of the corresponding current autonomous rules, e.g. VdTÜV-MB 967, DGUV

    Support of modifications and special customer requests by experts of an approved inspection agency (ZÜS), already during the planning stage.

  • The "filling chamber construction" has been mentioned repeatedly.
    What is that exactly?

    There are many formulations here, the most common being the "double-walled" construction. This means that our prefabricated installation pits are made with double-walled steel walls that are connected using perforated connecting elements. The primary and secondary protection is ensured by the concrete filling on site. Thus, the prefabricated installation pit can be considered as a permanent oil and water bearing vessel and can even be installed in adjacent water protection areas. The corresponding GTU report is also part of the DIBt approval.

  • Are you the only manufacturer producing the pits in this way?

    Protected by various patents, we are the only manufacturer in the market to manufacture the prefabricated installation pits in filling chamber construction. The double-walled filling chamber design is thus to be regarded as a "unique selling point".

  • What is the difference between filling chamber construction and other construction methods such as the classic concrete construction?

    As already confirmed by the above mentioned approvals our filling chamber construction is the safest construction, for example against a potential contamination of the soil by different media. Concrete pits can initially be tight and protect the surrounding soil. However, it is to be considered that the soil and the concrete "works", which can ultimately lead to leakages in the concrete and thus the leakage of the concrete pit. As a result, contamination of the soil cannot be ruled out.  

  • Can this be eliminated using the double-walled filling chamber construction?

    Yes, through the already mentioned double-walled construction, as well as by means of the casting with concrete, a pit is created, which is absolutely oil- and water-tight.

  • How does grouting with concrete take place?

    First it is important to know that concrete specified by us is capable of flowing (C20 / 25 - F5 / F6). Since perforated connecting elements are welded between the inner and outer walls, the concrete can flow off in the longitudinal axis and rise uniformly according to the principle of the communicating pipes. As a result, the prefabricated installation pit is filled with concrete all round, thus providing absolute oil and water tightness.

  • How does the client receive your prefabricated installation pit? Is it assembled or constructed on site or is it delivered pre-made in one or more parts to the customer?

    Due to its construction, our prefabricated installation pits are self-supporting. Thus, single-piece installation pits with a length of 40 meters and more can be transported and installed in one piece. Additional reinforcements are required for this purpose. It is, of course, also possible to deliver them in several parts, as in case of special installation situations on site (difficult conditions or the like). This, of course, saves time and thus ultimately even money for the builder, since our prefabricated installation pits can be installed within max. 5 hours with the help of our special installation technology. Afterwards, back filling of the soil and casting of the prefabricated installation pit, as well as the connection to the hall floor, are continued in short stages. This is possible in open spaces as well as in existing halls, even in halls which are already in operation. In case of conventional concrete pits, the installation time is considerably longer. Depending on the length of the concrete pit, an installation time of approximately 4 to 8 weeks can be expected. Furthermore, our prefabricated installation pits are provided ex works based on the client requirements and thus completely prepared for the connection on site. The installation of various equipment for concrete pits such as pit frames, pit stairs, grates, compressed air, electrical installation, lighting, waste oil disposal, pit lift etc. require further installation time, which may take several weeks depending on the progress of the construction, and unfortunately, often has structural inaccuracies. We avoid this massive and cost-intensive time loss with our prefabricated installation pits in filling chamber construction.

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