Werkstatt- und Fahrzeugtechnik Balzer


  Maintenance pit for trucks and buses
Type MSG 102 W
- One piece prefabricated installation pit up to 40 m long and more.
- Self-supporting filled-chamber honeycomb with integrated shell and reinforcements.
- Low empty weight.
- All accessories are assembled, piped and wired at the plant.
- All connections are available according to overall planning.
Gruben Balzer Prüfstrasse Wartungsgruben
- Installation time in existing halls reduced to 5 hours due to special installation technology.
- Certified specialists according to § 62
- Accredited according to: ASR, ArbStättV, BetrSichV, BGR / BGI / BGV / BGG, BGR 104, BGR 157 / 232, TRbF 60, VAwA, UVV, Flash point> 55 ° C as well as a permit in accordance with WHG 62 in conjunction with the BGR 157 and BG ZH 494. TÜV certified design approval.
- ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant.
- Quality products - the better solution in the long run.


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