Installation in existing halls

A good alternative to the installation of the prefabricated assembly pits in an open construction area is a subsequent installation in an existing hall. This variant is always used in existing buildings. However, this form of installation is also often suitable for new construction projects. In this process, the building including the roof is completely constructed and the prefabricated assembly pits are then rolled up through the gate openings. Due to the extremely robust construction of our prefabricated assembly pits, they can easily be pushed onto two heavy-duty rollers. An example of this variant is that the pit system is not exposed to the weather during the construction phase. 


The assembly of our prefabricated assembly pits with a filling chamber construction is always carried out by our own assembly team and is usually completed within 5 hours. In this way, we would like to demonstrate and implement our high-quality requirements for our site installations too.


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