1982<br/> Foundation of BALZER® in Memmingen

  • Manufacturer of specialist vehicles
  • Vehicle upgrades
  • electromechanical covers for working pits
  • Even when she was young, daughter Stephanie Courage worked in quotation management for


1984<br/> The production of assembly pits with single-wall construction


1993<br/> Introduction of the double-walled assembly pit with a filling chamber construction

  • the double-walled version was initially an attempt to build in concrete formwork
  • Hans Balzer then realised how many different advantages this new construction type brought with it


2004<br/> Change of company name

  • Hans Balzer Werkstatt- und Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH & Co. KG


2007<br/> Opportunity to export the products to GOST-R certified countries


2015<br/> Certification of the prefabricated assembly pit by the German Institute of Structural Engineering

  • Vehicle assembly pit as retention facility for liquids hazardous to water


2017<br/> At the end of 2017, Hans Balzer left the company

  • His daughter, Stephanie Courage, took over the company as Managing Partner. Tobias Jäger was appointed Managing Director.


2018<br/> Another change of company name 

  • BALZER GmbH & Co. KG


2019<br/> Repositioning and brand relaunch

  • clarified strategic orientation and a new brand presence

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